Paula Schild, PhD, Psychotherapist, Boulder, CO: Marriage Counseling, Stepparent Therapy, Women'd Depression Therapy Relationship Problems Therapy, Couples Counseling, Blended Families Assistance, Boulder, CO
Relationship Counseling by Dr. Paula Schild, Boulder, CO Paula R. Schild, PhD, Boulder, CO Psychotherapist


Paula Schild is a licensed Boulder psychotherapist helping couples and individuals resolve their relationship problems.

Are you having relationship problems with your spouse/partner, family, stepfamily, stepkids, friends, co-workers, and yourself? Are you ready for richer and more satisfying relationships?

I can help you identify the ways that you interact with others that create problems in your relationships. I love working with people to build happier lives and better, healthier relationships--whatever challenges they face. The safe, non-judgmental environment that I create allows clients to feel comfortable enough to reveal difficult or painful issues.

Listening carefully to people allows me to understand their relationship problems and help them determine how they need to change in order to feel happier and more satisfied with themselves and their relationships. The safe space of our relationship lets clients try out different behaviors that can reduce problems in their relationships and other parts of their lives.

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