Our earliest relationships with our parents/caregivers influence who we are and how we interact with others for the rest of our lives. Connecting with our parents is as instinctual and fundamental as our need to eat and sleep. A good relationship or attachment to our parents allows us to develop our sense of our selves and shapes our personalities. How we get our needs met by our parents as children affects how we see and experience others and the world around us.

I help individuals and couples understand how their interactions with others can interfere with having healthier, more satisfying relationships and personal lives. In counseling clients will:

  • gain a better understanding of themselves and their needs
  • learn more effective communication skills
  • reduce relationship conflict and stress
  • create more satisfying couple, stepfamily, stepkid, friend, and family relationships

"As we celebrate our five-year anniversary today, we can't help but wonder where we would be without you...we have come so far & have your guidance & support to thank for that...we have become better versions of ourselves. Thank you."
L & R Jones

"I want to thank you for your great work and help with my issues...I'm sure there will be further bumps in the road and we will still have our problems, but at this moment everything is feeling pretty good."
C. Hahn


The photo above is of the “Love” sculpture by Alexandr Milov. Photo credit: Alec Kondush.