Feeling crazy because your stepfamily doesn’t act like the Brady Bunch? Do you have conflict with your stepkids? Are you a stepmother who isn’t recognized for all you do for your stepfamily? Don’t worry you are not alone. Given the high divorce (between 50-60%) and remarriage (75%) rates, stepfamilies are more common than people think. But stepfamily life is rarely like the Brady Bunch (few of us have a maid like Alice!) and can be quite overwhelming.

As a stepmother, I know firsthand what stepfamily life is like. As a Professional Affiliate of The National StepFamily Resource Center (, I am trained to work specifically with stepfamilies. I help couples in stepfamilies and stepmothers to:


Women are the emotional centers of family life. However, stepfamily life complicates this nurturing role and can be very stressful and create relationship problems even for the healthiest women. Many stepmothers try to make stepfamily life comfortable for everyone but themselves and end up feeling angry, burned out, and often like the “wicked stepmother.”

I offer stepmothers a safe, supportive environment for sharing your feelings and finding solutions facing you and your stepfamily. You will learn:

A free, online resource for stepfamily can be found at: